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Robert Whitaker Takes On Souza

The recent fight between Robert Whitaker and Ronaldo Souza aka Jacare got the spotlight in a recent UFC event in the middleweight category.

The victory that Robert Whitaker obtained was a shocking one for many. That is probably because the Australian fighter was considered an underdog in this bout. However, he managed to score a TKO by the time the second round came about. This announced his arrival in this category and has shaken up the rankings since then. This also came about after Souza was signed on for a couple of fights with the UFC. Most felt that Souza had an advantage in this fight and the opinions stood as the Brazilian fighter took on the Australian as most expected him to. However, Whittaker was able to manipulate out of the grasps of Souza and was back on his feet. This led to Whittaker to become the aggressor who found his range and made strong connections with his hands and feet. There was a point in the second round when Whittaker got Souza on the ground, but he then allowed Jaycare to come back on his feet and fight.

The Melbourne fighter then downed his opponent with a strong kick and that dazed Souza. He then engaged in pounding away on the head of the champion till the latter was in disrepair.

This led to Whittaker scoring straight wins in the middleweight category and he comes close to winning a fight with the division champion, Michael Bisping. The Australian also challenged Bisping verbally after the fight, saying that he might have his own fights lined up, but he would like to be considered in the fights as well. The results of this fight have definitely shaken up the rankings and it remains to be seen how Whittaker’s career progresses and whether ranks are challenged henceforth.