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Joshua feels there should be more boxing

Anthony Joshua the former Olympic champion has said that schools should have more urged to help the students learn about staying fit and discipline. In a recent event the hero of the 2012 London Olympics met some 12 year old kids in a gym and he taught them some basic skills about boxing. He also told them the importance of nutrition and fitness.

It was a promotional event of Sky Sports and he also mentioned that there should be more physical education classes in schools and students should be taught some tips about boxing otherwise this sport will become extinct in some time. He recalled the years when boxing was popular in schools and how important it was for self defense and self confidence. It also helped to maintain a proper discipline amongst the students. He also said that he would love to see boxing back in the schools like it was previously.

When asked about how he sees the modern schools he said that it is full of bag work, drill, pad work and skipping and although it is good to keep a child healthy it would not increase the self defensive skills. He went on to say that instead of full time boxing the schools can introduce contact boxing or sparring. This would help to increase the interest in boxing amongst the students.

It encourages good behavior and a better way of living. He also gave his own example saying how boxing has helped him to become disciplined in life and kept him in a good shape all the way long. Anthony Joshua had left his education at the age of 18 and since then he has been into full time boxing which has helped him to become mentally sharp. Boxing was first introduced in schools in 1962 and it was reintroduced in 2007.