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Belfort opens up about the future and the past

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC legend Vitor Belfort manhandled Dan Henderson before demolishing him with a spinning head kick knockout in the end at UFC Fight Night 32 and there is no way that detractors can claim that he beat the PRIDE Fighting Championship legend thanks to Testosterone Replacement Therapy or TRT.

The fight between Belfort and Henderson was the first ever one in the history of the UFC to feature two fighters on TRT and the Brazilian needed just 77 seconds to become the first man to beat the legendary former PRIDE fighter with strikes.
The Brazilian did reveal a few days after the fight that his testosterone levels were higher than normal for the fight against Henderson.

According to Belfort, his testosterone levels were very low during his last fight, before adding that he has all the necessary medical documents to prove that he has a disease, it is that simple.

The medical director of the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission recently revealed that one of the pre-fight tests of Belfort revealed low testosterone levels but he admitted that it wasn’t illegal.

In a recent interview with a media platform, Belfort revealed that he had started TRT around there years back, meaning that he was on TRT when he faced Anderson Silva in the UFC Middleweight Championship match at UFC 126.

The Brazilian also mentioned that he doesn’t think that there will be any problems of him getting a license to fight against the winner of the Anderson Silva v/s Chris Weidman fight. He also mentioned that he wouldn’t have any problems about facing Chael Sonnen in Las Vegas too. He mentioned that he knows Sonnen has a license to fight at Las Vegas and he has the necessary documents to show that he needs the TRT to fight.