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Arlovski upsets Silva on return to UFC

Andrei Arlovski hit the headlines after defeating Antonio Silva quite efficiently. He was able to knock out the superstar with his vicious punching. It was a very important fight for him as he was up against all odds. The crowd was expecting an easy win for Antonio Silva and was mostly supporting him. But the underdog did not let this affect him. He played one of the most dominant matches of his life. The earlier match between the two had quite a different result. After that a lot has gone by. Silva failed one of the drug tests that were done on him and had been banned from competing in any professional game since then. His return to fighting did not prove o be a very successful outing either. Arlovski had himself also gone on a break but he seems to be a completely different fighter since his return to the professional circuit. His score is currently 2-0. The potential opponents in his next match might be Ben Rothwell or Stipe Miocic. Mark Hunt and Roy Nelson will also be up against one another. The winner shall be considered as one of the other potential opponents.
The Brazilian Crowd was not really kind to Arlovski but he earned a lot of respect without any doubt through his fighting skills. He was visibly delighted with his win which resulted in a dance. One could easily make ou the fact that he was overjoyed with the result. A lot of hardwork and passion had gone into the making of the man. He has witnessed the very highs and lows of fighting throughout his career. The six year hiatus was not a easy thing to deal with. But he seem sto have come back with a new energy and strength to fight.